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10 Books that Changed my Life

Nov 18

There have been many books (audiobooks usually) that have really made a deep impact on me and have fostered personal and leadership development. This list may be helpful if you are looking to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Happy reading (or listening!)

Kudos Udo!

Mar 26

Many of you have heard me speak of Udo’s Oil and how strongly I feel that it is easily the most important supplement that I take. As many of you know I was enamored if the supplement industry from a young age when I got my hands on a book of natural healing. I was amazed at the number of people who healed themselves and remained optimally healthy through the use of what was ubiquitous in nature. As I dug deeper, I discovered many different geographical remedies all over the world. These discoveries became some of my original stimulants for my deep interest in travel and health.

Disque Foundation Trip Ends on High Note

Dec 19
Recently members of the Disque Foundation traveled to Costa Rica. Our experiences have been captured in a few articles published over the past week. I want to share one that gives a brief glimpse into the trip. Stay tuned for more updates.
- Dr. Karl "Fritz" Disque

A Case for PALS

Oct 29

Meet Maxwell. He was delivered by emergency C-section 1 week after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Moments after the delivery, the top picture was taken by a nurse who was untrained in recognizing Maxwell’s need of life support. Upon showing the photo to a Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) trained health care provider, immediate medical attention saved Maxwell’s life (bottom picture).

A Doctor's Inspiring Contribution in Ethiopia

Oct 22
Dr. Karl "Fritz" Disque is a successful anesthesiologist and entrepreneur in the Las Vegas and Chicago areas. Yet he spends much of his time teaching medical courses and providing health care to people in other countries. These experiences encouraged him to establish the Disque Foundation, which focuses on improving the quality and availability of health care in developing countries.

He developed this strong interest in international medicine while serving as a medical volunteer for the earthquake relief effort in Haiti. In the wake of this experience, he traveled to Ethiopia to assist the medical personnel in this country with much needed medical training and education.

Saving Lives after the Haiti Earthquake

Oct 15
In 2010, I served with a group of 20 health volunteer care providers from Rush University for the earthquake recovery effort in Haiti. We put in many long days. In fact, it was often hard to tell when one day ended and another began. But we saved a lot of lives. Our team of anesthesiologists worked closely with some orthopedic surgeons and other medical staff both from Rush University (where I completed my residency) and from other institutions around the world. We were all thrilled for the opportunity to be there.

As you can imagine, the working conditions weren't exactly favorable. We were exhausted, dirty, and struggled to communicate with the people. We were also painfully ill-equipped for the task and the equipment we did have was unreliable. It was not uncommon to run out of wall oxygen or experience a total power outage during a procedure. Nevertheless, while I was helping with a particularly difficult surgical procedure, I rediscovered my long dormant creativity and resourcefulness to function effectively under adverse conditions.