The Rich Doc

A Prescription for Lifelong Fulfillment



The Rich Doc's mission is to offer a prescription for lifelong fulfillment through constant growth in the four areas where we all strive to be RICH. The Rich Doc asks questions and assists you on your journey to find these answers. Below are the four categories that The Rich Doc offers insight:

  1. Physical

    The need for optimal health and energy cannot be overstated. It is the foundation of all of the other levels of wealth. Are you nurturing a lifestyle of optimal health?
  2. Social

    The love, connection, and relationships that we nurture with others throughout our life gives us the makes a life fulfilled. How could your relationships improve so you can feel more love and connection?
  3. Mental

    Does your life have meaning? What is your life's mission? These are the questions that drive our lives and how we answer them defines our identity and growth.
  4. Spiritual

    Is there anything more powerful than constantly increasing your ability to contribute to another person or cause you are passionate about? Through financial means or giving of your talents, your contribution is your legacy.